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  • Learn new tactics like Attraction Marketing, The Interview Method, Strategic Confidence, CBR's, Omnipresence, and more for lead generation and growth.

  • Together we will implement new strategic approaches and obstacle-maneuvering for every aspect of your continued up-leveling.

  • Confidentially explore solutions to the things that keep you up at night with this exclusive private membership, while also enhancing your mindset and leadership skills.

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Suzanne Duret

Suzanne is a trailblazer who discovered innovative paths to success while starting and growing her own businesses, as well as helping clients to do the same.

Over the past 30 years she has started 8 companies and worn every hat from idea generator to CEO. Her very first business was a medical device company centered around an invention for use in hospital emergency rooms. That company was sold for millions just 21 months after launching. She has success and expertise in growing careers and businesses, start-ups, innovation, and raising capital.

More importantly, Suzanne has helped clients expand their lives and businesses. Many clients have added hundreds of thousands and even millions annually to their bottom lines while working with her.

You're busy with no time to waste.

You want answers, support and results NOW.

Action Takers Don't Overthink

The Strategy Room Membership

Perfect for entrepreneurs, coaches, corporate climbers,

finance and legal professionals, and growth-mode business owners.

Get results with "live" online Q&A sessions. Each week Suzanne will give members an opportunity to show up with questions, share an obstacle they need help with, or seek out a strategy for a particular goal.

Mindset coaching tackles all of the head-tripping that stops us from accomplishing our goals. Together we'll overcome fears, deconstruct imposter syndrome, and hit your personal mindset issues head-on for resolution.

Success is determined by those you surround yourself with. This members-only Facebook group is for women to connect, network, and share outside perspectives with each other, as well as learn from various invited experts.

You'll have access to all recorded sessions, interviews with invited experts, trainings, and resources that will be added from time-to-time. You will enjoy on-demand access for as long as you remain a Strategy Room member.


Blakele Bergman

“During our first few months of working together I experienced a major improvement in REVENUE GROWTH and productivity! Suzanne knows how to make positive changes fast. She listens, genuinely cares, and created strategies that work for MY business. She also helped me realize where my true potential lies, and what my business needs are in order to thrive.”


Felicia Sheely

“Working with Suzanne has been absolutely life-changing! She took me from zero to quickly having a brand and I'm becoming known as a thought-leader. I have traction on all of my social media platforms as well as a strategy for growth. Suzanne pulled me out of a mindset spiral that was killing my business dreams; she literally brought me back to life."


Heather Truhan

“Suzanne’s enthusiasm and expertise are so engaging that you’ll find yourself jumping up and down to exceed goals you hadn’t even set yet! I loved working with her; she has a wealth of knowledge to share. Have no doubt that Suzanne can help transform small business into BIG business in the blink of an eye!”


Sue Lee

“Suzanne’s approach to business and working with entrepreneurs is dynamic. She has the exceptional ability to listen beyond the words, to scan the entire picture, mentally scoping it out, then narrows in and lays out a strategy. She’s worth every penny and far more!”


Kristina Rochester

"Because of my work with Suzanne I was well prepared to position myself for the advancement I experienced in my legal career. Furthermore, she taught me strategies for new business development (which isn't taught in law school). Suzanne’s making a difference for professional women and I’ve enjoyed working with her!”


Tanya Stewart

“Suzanne opened my mind to go beyond limited thinking for creative avenues and strategic planning. She helped me look beyond the surface in order to stop making the same mistakes, and to trust the process as I grow my business. I have worked with different coaches but Suzanne hands down stands above the rest with her honesty and deep caring about her clients.”


Kim Brooks

“There are few people who TRULY know what it takes to be successful in business, and who can provide actionable steps to achieving that success. Suzanne is a one-of-a-kind strategist whose consulting and mentorship has been invaluable to me in both my business and personal advancement.”


Lizette Sundvick

“As a private-practice attorney, I worked closely with Suzanne for 12 months. She guided me in business development options, obtaining client testimonial videos, branding, and more. In a personal coaching capacity she taught me ‘strategic confidence’ tactics that continue to have a positive impact on both my professional and personal life.”


Sarah Jane Cion

“Suzanne is one of the most dedicated and talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is warm, brilliant, caring, and brimming with enthusiasm and creativity! If you have the great pleasure of working with her, you will certainly be touched by one of the most incredibly heart-filled souls and will come away a better person in so many ways!”

Tony Robbins

"When I first met Suzanne Duret, I was impressed by her unique success story and even more so by her continuing desire to help others achieve their goals, as well."

(Excerpt from Tony's Foreword to Suzanne's book, Inventing For Wealth, published mid-90s.)

What Is The Monthly Investment?

Make it a Reality...

Benefit from weekly access to mentoring and strategies for only $397 per month (recurring monthly payment).

Capture beta launch pricing that will never be offered again. Price is locked in for as long as you remain a member.

Enjoy a hassle-free cancellation process. Stay as long as you like; return any time at the then current pricing (if there is an opening).

Increases to normal pricing soon.

Sought-After Advisor

Mentor at Bizwomen's Mentoring Monday

Event Hosted in 43 Cities Across the Nation

Resident Mentor at Tampa Bay Wave

Florida's #1 Startup Accelerator

Co-Founder and Board Member

Supporting Women - Tampa Bay Non-Profit

How does the program work?

During the first and third week of each month there is a live Zoom session with Suzanne for Q&A, to review items online via screen sharing, and for group support. The Zoom schedule will be posted in advance for the month so that you can plan ahead.

The second and last week of the month there is a Voxer day for on-the-go Q&A during the "office hours" for that day. Voxer is a Walkie Talkie messaging app for your smartphone with live voice (like an actual walkie talkie) or text messaging. The Voxer day is on Wednesday of the scheduled weeks during the hours of 11am-3pm ET. In the case of a holiday or Suzanne's work/travel schedule, there may be a week with two sessions to offset a week with no session.

You DON'T need a Zoom account to join sessions as a participant. If you want to have a Zoom account you can set one one up for free. The Voxer app for smartphones is also free, no need for a paid account.

What if I can't make a session but need help?

You can still get your question answered or receive a needed insight by submitting your question. During the live session your situation or question will be addressed, you can then review it once the replay is posted.

What actually happens during the live sessions?

Members are invited to attend whether they need help that week or not as there is "collective" learning from guidance for other members.  All members in attendance must have submitted their question/scenario in advance of a session in order to guarantee receiving live hands-on guidance. All submitted questions will be addressed in order of when they were received, first to last.

Members who are live on the Zoom will be asked to "unmute" themselves when it's their turn in order to communicate with Suzanne. Each member's Q&A will be to the point and kept to an efficient communication in order to ensure everyone is taken care of. At the end of each session, and with time permitting, Suzanne will open the Q&A to any remaining questions or to those who did not submit their question/situation in advance.

Members are invited to join the private Voxer group. During Voxer hours members can send voice or text questions to Suzanne and will receive a response back during the active hours that day.

What if I need more private personalized help?

This membership is a great entry-point to receive laser-shot guidance. Should you ultimately require a deeper dive with greater personalized guidance, you may visit Suzanne's website and consider a private consulting package. 

Can I really cancel at any time hassle-free?

Yes!  You can cancel at any time with a simple email and a 3-day advance notice prior to your next billing date in order to allow for processing. There are no pro-rated refunds for time remaining on your current paid month.  Once your membership is cancelled you will no longer have access to the private group, live sessions, or any available content or resources accessible to members. You may return any time at the then current pricing; if there is no availability you can choose to be added to a waitlist. 

Does Suzanne hang-out in the Facebook group and answer questions there?

The private FB group for members-only is where you will communicate with other members, and also access session schedules, recordings and other resources uploaded from time-to-time.  Suzanne primarily focuses Q&A during weekly "live Zoom sessions" in order to be certain everyone gets taken care of and no questions are missed. However, she also creates a dedicated post each month in the group  where people can ask questions inside that specific post thread so that Suzanne can respond.

Members-Only Facebook Group

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